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$105-$130 for initial session/$85 per subsequent session          

Chinese Herbal Medicine
$130 for herbal consult, plus the cost of herbs

Massage & Bodywork
60 minutes - $105
75 minutes - $115    
90 minutes - $130

Integrative Sessions
These highly effective sessions incorporate several modalities into one session. For example, someone with musculoskeletal pain may benefit from therapeutic massage, cupping therapy and acupuncture. Or someone looking to decrease stress, anxiety or insomnia may be helped by a combination of acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and reiki. A client may simply want to combine therapeutic massage and craniosacral therapy for an extra relaxing experience.  These treatments are customized to suit each clients specific needs.

60 minutes - $105
75 minutes - $115  
90 minutes - $130

Julie is currently available for private yoga sessions. To schedule a private or small group session with her please contact Julie at 505-660-3234 or julie@anamcaraholistic.com.


Julianne Murphy, Lic.Ac., L.M.T.
Allergy Release Technique® Practitioner

175 Washington St, Suite A4-5                          Winchester, MA 01890                                                                                                                            505-660-3234